CrowdSec: New contextualized observables related to scanning activities 💻

SEKOIA.IO recently added IP addresses and tags to observables from CrowdSec. [CrowdSec]( is a free, open-source and collaborative IPS. Those IP adresses indicate scanning activities and thus can highlight malicious behaviour. Some context is given to our customers through tags: protocol targeted by the scanning activity and, if known, vulnerability used during the scan. This new integration gives SEKOIA.IO new observables in almost real-time, with context and thus provide our clients with an easy way to determine their exposition to scanning activities. In only 7 days, more than 21000 observables have been added to our platform. ![changelog_crowdec.jpeg](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/9841/inline-990961afa144e0471ab3dd5eda6ec90c.jpg)