In-depth analysis of the prominent Mars Stealer malware 🪐

Last week, the Threat Detection & Research (TDR) team published an in-depth analysis of Mars Stealer on the SEKOIA.IO blog. In this article, we shared our investigation on: * the activity of the presumed Mars Stealer's developers on underground forums; * how we track this emerging threat; * our technical analysis of the different malware versions and their capabilities. As explained in the article, exclusive Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) are collected regularly using our internal projects: **SEKOIA Yara Tracker**, **SEKOIA C2 Tracker** and **SEKOIA Malware Watcher**. They can be found in the SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center on the [Mars Stealer malware page]( These internal tools are used to provide contextualized IoCs on several threats that our customer may face, and to improve their detection in SEKOIA.IO XDR. If you want to know more about Mars Stealer, the red-hot information stealer, please visit our blog! ![blog_sekoiaio_mars_stealer.png](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/9703/inline-4c8d0d18ae92a6c0ec918fbb2a984fa7.jpg)