Russia's war in Ukraine - the latest updates in the cybercrime community

Russia's war in Ukraine is currently widely mirrored in cyberspace, engaging many different parties in an ever-increasing and very complex dispute. In our latest FLINT, we focused on developments in the world of cybercrime in the current war context. For the past week, hackers and cybercriminal gangs have unceasingly joined the anti-Russian rhetoric, the pro-Ukrainian one or else the counter-propaganda course. Also, some have remained silent or neutral, and others declared they would only adopt defensive measures. So far, the countries that are most affected by the cybercrime threat are Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and China. We anticipate a growing interest in the sensitive data concerning companies in CIS countries or former CIS members, as well as businesses and organizations tied to NATO. ![flint_2022_014.png](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/9051/inline-17798c47e54c3b9f5d3e0020cafeb882.jpg) Related resource: * [FLINT 2022-014 - A war on multiple fronts - the turbulent cybercrime landscape](