Update on the Russia-Ukraine tensions with new events

On February 16, 2022, SEKOIA.IO published on the cybersecurity implications of the Russia-Ukraine tensions in the FLINT 2022-010 (Flash Intelligence Report). Following the invasion of Ukraine and the use of cyberattacks involving, among other things, the new wiper (HermeticWiper), we updated the FLINT with the new events, our analysis and recommendations. SEKOIA.IO made this report public in our blog to help the community. We also continously integrate the CTI related to the Russian-Ukraine conflict. ![flint_2022_012.png](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/8922/inline-26af076c09d73d77848ae8385fa9e41b.jpg) Related Resources: * [FLINT 2022-012 - [UPDATE] Invasion of Ukraine - what implications in cyberspace?](https://app.sekoia.io/intelligence/objects/report--d1a0f873-fd8d-40af-b668-0fb2f21c3408) * [SEKOIA.IO blogpost - Invasion of Ukraine – what implications in cyberspace?](https://www.sekoia.io/en/invasion-of-ukraine-what-implications-in-cyberspace/) * [FLINT 2022-010 - Ukraine tensions - what implications in cyberspace?](https://app.sekoia.io/intelligence/objects/report--774e89b5-295c-48e2-8fac-a04c2ff70efb)