Playbook template to reject old alerts ⚙️

To take full advantage of the automation capabilities of SEKOIA.IO XDR, we are sharing playbook templates in our community GitHub page. Last week, we added a new playbook template to reject old alerts. The playbook automates the status change of old alerts that have not been updated for over a year, to reject them. This automated process will allow you to save time on alerts triage, for those that have been ignored. Using playbook templates is easy. In the Operation Center, just go to the playbook section and create a new one using a template. Then you need to set the configuration of the modules, and enable the playbook. ![oc_playbook_reject_old_alerts.png](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/3533/inline-932681bc9be2f4f5d0086b684147ea60.jpg)