[Intakes] DNS bug fixes

We fixed 2 issues related to the parsing of **DNS values** to improve **CTI Detection**. ## [SentinelOne CloudFunnel](https://github.com/SEKOIA-IO/intake-formats/pull/1126) On **MacOS**, S1 CloudFunnel could return sometimes a DNS value that was incompatible with our CTI Detection. **Before**: `dns.question.name` = "type: 1 example.com" **Now**: `dns.question.name` = "example.com" ## [Cisco Umbrella DNS](https://github.com/SEKOIA-IO/intake-formats/pull/1122) Cisco Umbrella DNS returned a DNS value that was not matching with our CTI detection because of the **dot** at the end. **Before**: `dns.question.name` = "example.com." **Now**: `dns.question.name` = "example.com"