Duplicate rules, queries and playbooks ➿

**Simplify repetitive tasks and boost efficiency with our latest feature: one-click duplication for rules, playbooks, and queries!** This update empowers you to duplicate essential elements within the platform, saving you valuable time and effort. ## What's New? - **Duplicate Rules:** Always wanted to copy a verified rule and tweak produced alerts’ severity? Well now, you can! Find the rule, click the "Duplicate" button in the details panel, and customize detection patterns, alerts, assets, and more. ⚠️**Warning:** Duplicating a rule and enabling it severs the connection to the original. Edits to the original rule won't be reflected in your duplicate. Stay informed by checking the [Rules Catalog changelog](https://docs.sekoia.io/xdr/features/detect/rules_changelog/) for updates. - **Duplicate Playbooks:** Building complex playbooks is important, but starting from scratch each time can be a hassle. Now you can easily copy entire playbooks with just one click. No need to rebuild them anymore - just click the "Duplicate" button in the playbook panel or on the dedicated playbook page. - **Duplicate Queries:** The [query builder](https://docs.sekoia.io/xdr/features/investigate/query_builder/) is your secret weapon for crafting insightful data aggregations. But what if you just need a minor adjustments to explore different angles? Gone are the days where you had to rebuild the query from scratch! With the new duplicate button, you can clone any query in the blink of an eye.