🎉 News integrations available! 🎉

We're thrilled to announce new integrations available on our platform, enhancing your security operations and threat detection capabilities. 1. **AWS CloudFront** is now in **BETA**! Seamlessly integrate this powerful CDN service from Amazon Web Services for secure content delivery with low latency. Learn more [here](https://docs.sekoia.io/xdr/features/collect/integrations/cloud_and_saas/aws/aws_cloudfront/). 2. **Palo Alto Cortex XDR (EDR)** integration is also in **BETA**! Collect alerts and associated telemetry events in real time for improved threat detection and response. Dive deeper [here](https://docs.sekoia.io/xdr/features/collect/integrations/endpoint/paloalto_cortex_edr/). 3. Introducing **Broadcom Cloud Secure Web Gateway** and **Broadcom Edge Secure Web Gateway** both in **BETA**! Enhance your security posture with these cloud-native and on-prem solutions providing advanced threat protection and content filtering. Explore more [here](https://docs.sekoia.io/xdr/features/collect/integrations/cloud_and_saas/broadcom_cloud_swg/) and [here](https://docs.sekoia.io/xdr/features/collect/integrations/network/broadcom_edge_swg/) respectively. 4. **Crowdstrike Falcon For Mobile** is now generally available (GA)! Gain insights into alerts detected on iOS and Android mobile devices. Find out more [here](https://docs.sekoia.io/xdr/features/collect/integrations/endpoint/crowdstrike_falcon/). Stay tuned for more updates and integrations to fortify your security infrastructure! For detailed documentation on each integration, visit our [integration docs page](https://docs.sekoia.io/xdr/features/collect/integrations/).