Improve your IOC detection capabilities with retrohunting!

We're pleased to announce interface improvements and the release of comprehensive documentation focusing on IOC detection in the Sekoia SOC platform. Strengthen your cybersecurity defense with: * ** Retrohunt alerts: **Uncover potential threats in real-time and retrospectively with insights into alerts triggered by Retrohunt. * ** IOC detection mechanism: **Gain a deeper understanding of how our platform identifies Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) to support your decision-making. * ** IOC collection integration: **Discover how IOC collection seamlessly enhance our IOC detection process. Access documentation [here]( to learn how IOC detection and Retrohunt fortify your cybersecurity defenses. ![verified_iocs.gif-5133](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/31323/inline-edacd1bd958051b65199775092d15c6c.gif)