New feature: Built-in roles

We are excited to share a recent enhancement to that promises to significantly improve your experience and efficiency on our platform – **the introduction of built-in roles.** ## What are built-in roles? Administrators of Sekoia SOC Platform can now access both custom roles (as previously available) and the newly added built-in roles. This addition is designed to simplify role management and increase security for your organisation. ## Explore the 3 built-in roles: - **Guest**: This is a read-only role, allowing individuals with this role to access and read data. It is ideal for clients who only need viewing capabilities. - **Analyst**: Intended for everyday use of the platform, this role can include your entire team, facilitating seamless collaboration. - **Admin**: This role is designed for community management tasks, such as adding or removing users and updating user roles. It provides a higher level of control and access. We value your feedback and, based on user input, plan to add more built-in roles to accommodate different roles within our customers' operational workflows. Your insights will play an important role in the evolution of this feature. Don't hesitate to explore this new feature and let us know what you think. You can find more details in the documentation