Integrations News & Updates 🎉

Our SOC platform has been upgraded with new intakes and improved connectors for better security insights. Here's a quick overview of the latest updates: **1. OpenVPN: **Access logs and connection events detection with our CTI rules. [Learn more.]( **2. Checkpoint Harmony Mobile: **Alerts collection for mobile devices. [Learn more.]( **3. Azure Monitor for Azure Files: **Events collection and access monitoring for sensitive files. [Learn more.]( **4. Microsoft IIS: **Access logs. [Learn more.]( **5. Darktrace: **Enhanced connector supporting "IA analyst" events. [Learn more.]( **6. Cato: **SASE connector for comprehensive event collection (Firewall, IPS, Malware detection, Network connection and more). [Learn more.]( These updates offer advanced security monitoring and incident response tools. For questions or assistance, please contact our support team.