🚀 Playbooks enhanced with 3 new features

The saying "it's the little things that count" is particularly true when improving experiences. Subtle tweaks and enhancements can significantly affect the outcome. We're pleased to announce **three key changes to playbook management and creation**. These improvements aim to streamline your workflow for efficiency and convenience, whether you're creating a new playbook or managing an existing one. ## 🆕 A new variable selector to speed up your node configuration When it came to choosing input variables for one of your nodes, the only solution was to go to the output node's config, copy the desired value and then come back and paste it into the node being configured - it was time-consuming, tedious and slowed down the overall experience. No more. From now on, on each input field of a node's configuration you'll benefit directly from a variable selector enabling you in 2 clicks to find and insert a variable from any node. ![pathpicker.gif-4070](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/28785/inline-6576feb9d0411845805beb65d837df30.gif) ## 🆕 Easy node chaining To improve productivity and save time when adding a new node, we suggest replacing the current method with a "click to add" feature. Users would simply click the desired location to automatically add a new node, streamlining and making the process more intuitive. ![easynodechaining.gif-1388](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/28785/inline-b2c4d3dfb0a0a8990ea81bc2b377932b.gif) ## ⚡ Improvement - Run view (simpler and more detailed) We have overhauled the "Runs" tab in your playbooks, making it not only more straightforward, but also more comprehensive. This improvement aims to provide you with a more detailed representation of the execution of your playbook. With this update, you now have the ability to access, for every single one of your runs, **the exact condition of the playbook at the precise moment of the run**. This includes the logs of each individual run, providing you with an extensive array of data at your fingertips. This enhancement allows you to essentially travel back in time, granting access to meticulously detailed information specific to each run. ![runs.gif-4756](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/28785/inline-d0fbd57d30973bb289f0322cdbf266ee.gif)