🌟 6 new network integrations now live in Sekoia SOC Platform! 🚀

![PostLinkedin_Network_Part_05_V1.gif-6398](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/27296/inline-efecdc1ee712bf0b1c4e079de4eca973.gif) We are thrilled to announce the addition of six powerful network integrations to Sekoia.io SOC platform, enhancing your threat detection capabilities and further simplifying incident management. **These new integrations are Cato Networks SASE, Cisco NX-OS, OGO WAF, OPNSense, Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway, and SonicWall Firewall.** These integrations bring a host of benefits to your cybersecurity efforts: 🔍 **Anomaly detection**: Add an extra layer of threat detection with anomaly detection capabilities. 🌐 **Threat intelligence**: Leverage Sekoia.io threat intelligence to develop confirmed threat alerts. 👁️ **Improved visibility**: Simplify incident management and enhance your overall visibility into network security. 🔥 **Firewall context for XDR**: Monitor IP addresses, URLs, and domains, allowing for effective blocking at the network perimeter and alerting for triaging and correlation. These integrations are designed to elevate your network security efforts, streamline incident response, and ultimately bolster your organization's resilience to cyber threats. **Get started today and boost your security!**