Announcing SEKOIA.IO for AWS Network Firewall! 🎉

We are excited to introduce our latest project, [SEKOIA.IO for AWS Network Firewall](! This project aims to seamlessly integrate the Sekoia CTI with your AWS security equipment, starting with Network Firewall and soon expanding to include GuardDuty. By leveraging this integration, you will gain enhanced protection and access to valuable threat intelligence. 💪 Sekoia's CTI consists of 6 million high-quality IoCs, which have only experienced 130 revocations in the past 6 months. These IoCs are created by a team of 20 analysts and are sourced from over 450 different sources. The [SEKOIA.IO for AWS Network Firewall]( repository on Github is publicly available. Inside, you will find a CDK script that allows for the automatic deployment of all necessary resources within your AWS tenant. Once deployed, a Lambda function will retrieve IoCs from our feed and populate rule groups that can be applied to your Network Firewall instances.