🚀 6 new Identity & Access Management integrations now out of beta!

![PostLinkedin_Associations_V2.gif-5234](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/26320/inline-f436dcb27eab475ddafca97e17bc2d48.gif) We're thrilled to announce the official release of six new integrations in our **Identity & Access Management** (IAM) category. These integrations are ready to elevate your security and monitoring capabilities for identity logs. With Sekoia.io's powerful correlation engine, you can easily correlate IAM logs and also leverage its effective anomaly detection engine. **Which new IAM tools can now be seamlessly connected to the Sekoia.io platform?** 1. Cisco Duo Security 2. Cisco ISE 3. Cloudflare Access Requests 4. Crowdstrike Falcon (Identity Protection) 5. Jumpcloud Directory Insights 6. RSA SecurID **Why is it crucial to monitor the logs from your IAM tools?** - **Enhanced visibility** - Monitor user activities and identify any unusual or suspicious access patterns. - **Security threat detection** - Detect unusual or unauthorized access attempts, potentially indicating security threats like credential theft or unauthorized access. - **Real-time incident response** - Respond promptly if suspicious activities or anomalies are detected, preventing potential security breaches from escalating. For those using any of these technologies, be sure to check out our Intakes page!