Monitoring new ransomware-related threats πŸ” proactively monitors **emerging ransomware**, **intrusion sets distributing them** and **threat actors** launching new ransomware operations.’s Intelligence Center is regularly updated with tactical, operational and strategic intelligence on these threats. In recent months, we observed a surge in newly launched ransomware operations. **Here are some of the most prominent ransomware distributed in financially motivated campaigns since early 2023:** * Abyss Locker * Akira * BlackBit * Cactus * CrossLock * CryptNet * DarkPower * Dodo * ESXiArgs * Honkai Paradise * Masons * Money Message * MortalKombat * Nevada * RA Group * Rancoz * TZW Ransomware * Uniza Of note, besides these newly launched ransomware operations, also closely monitors the new variants, as well as the new distribution methods of known ransomware. If you want to know more about these threats, read the associated malware, intrusion set and threat actor objects in the [ Intelligence Center](