Import your IoC’s in SEKOIA.IO (and other updates)

⤴️ **Now available ! Import your IoC’s in SEKOIA.IO** Bringing in your own IoC’s in SEKOIA.IO is now a matter of a few clicks. You can copy-paste them or upload them from a file (e.g. CSV, XLSX) with ease. Not only that, you can generate telemetry reports from your collections, use them in rules, or even create rules automatically during import. Our platform also enables retrospective hunting, allowing you to analyze events that have already been sent to [SEKOIA.IO]( before the import. Moreover, the feature also provides a convenient API or TAXII URL, making it easier to share your IoCs collections with other users. [Learn more]( **🔎 Anomaly Detection is out of Beta!** The anomaly detection rules, which have been in beta testing, are now available. This update allows you to more easily monitor anomalies and unusual behavior and we are confident that this new feature will help you improve the security and monitoring of your systems. []( **New Pivots!** No more wasting time searching for events associated with an intake or alerts related to a rule. Navigate between objects with one click. New pivots ✅ From rules to alerts ✅ From intakes to associated events ✅ And from an alert to the related rule