Analysis of active web skimmers 💳

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular during the holiday season, so does the risk of skimming attacks on websites. A web skimming attack is a form of cybercrime where malicious code is added on a website to steal personal and / or financial information from unsuspecting customers. These attacks can occur on any website, including popular e-commerce platforms and websites of well-known retailers. In this report, SEKOIA.IO analysts explore the prevalence of skimming campaigns at Christmas time, and associated active clusters analysed by SEKOIA.IO, before providing tips on how to protect yourself from this threat. We published results of our in-depth analysis in the [FLINT 2022-059 - Christmas Chaos: recent activity of skimming attacks on retail website ]( ![flint_2022_059.png](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/15008/inline-4d79ce30cb0735181e7df2cfb6ae2ca4.jpg)