Cloudflare intakes now available

Cloudflare is one of the main providers in content distribution and web protection. Now, SEKOIA.IO offers three new integrations to collect Cloudflare logs: * Cloudflare HTTP requests to watch access and to observe content distribution through the Cloudflare CDN. * Cloudflare Firewall events to monitor network traffic and detected attacks with the Cloudflare WAF. * Cloudflare DNS logs to follow domain-name resolutions to your servers. ![cloudflare intakes.png](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/11900/inline-d1c842fcf97af9fea62e445648fb762b.jpg) Our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) will be leverage with theses three integrations, with also two dedicated rules to raise alerts based on Cloudflare managed rules, or Cloudflare customer defined rules. Please, refer to the documentation ([HTTP requests](, [WAF events]( and [DNS logs]( to set up these new integrations.