Major review on the Iranian threat context and associated threat actors 🚀

SEKOIA.IO recently added a strategic intelligence assessment on the [Iranian cyber organization]( and associated threats. This update concerns the descriptions of the two main intelligence services that conduct cyber operations ([Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps]( and [Ministry of Intelligence](, their associated intrusion sets ([MuddyWater](, [OilRig](, [Hexane](, [APT33](, [APT35](, [TortoiseShell](, [APT39](, proxy groups ([Mabna Institute]( and TTPs with related IOCs, YARA rules and more. ![changelol MAR.jpg](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/11569/inline-f9a619973064cbfb7fdbac941c76ab86.jpg) SEKOIA.IO will continue to keep you updated on state-sponsored and cybercrime threats, from a strategic perspective to the forgotten IOCs. More is coming 🚀