Telemetry on Observables ✨

There are two things we deeply hate at SEKOIA.IO: 1. false positives in our intelligence, 2. alerts without context and very little information on the actions to be carried out. We are continually improving SEKOIA.IO to reduce the number of false positives and bring ever more relevant context to analysts. The Telemetry Feature actively participates in these two points by taking advantage of the large volume of data processed by SEKOIA.IO. The Telemetry feature computes and shows the number of sighting for the observable of your choice. These statistics are very useful for: 1. checking the anteriority of an observable before using it as an IoC 2. obtaining more context on an observable that participates in an alert. 🔎 Have a look, visit the observable page of IP []( ![telemetry.png](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/11076/inline-8695b5619d0a91d0e48c1908cf296d5c.jpg)