Introduce Google Cloud integrations

Collect and monitor activities from your Google Cloud services with our new three intakes. ![Google Cloud intakes](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/10856/inline-3e37051ccdd64b1a59531ea04b2ea4a5.jpg) Keep an eye on actions and accesses from your Google Workspace with our intake `Google Cloud Audit`. Use the intake `Google Kubernetes Engine` to track and detect unclear behaviours in your Kubernetes cluster. Or supervise network flows from and to your virtual machines with the intake `Google VPC Flow logs`. Please, refer to our documentation ([Google Audit Logs](, [Google Kubernetes Engine]( or [Google VPC Flow logs]( to set the prerequisites. Operate with our new playbook template to pull and forward your events to SEKOIA.IO. ![Playbook](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/10856/inline-6fd1de427bb6d79ae907479aad69ba94.jpg)