Major review on the Russian threat context and associated threat actors

SEKOIA.IO recently added a strategic intelligence assessment on the [Russian Federation cyber organization]( and associated threats. This update concerns the descriptions of each state sponsored threat actor ([GRU](, [SVR](, [FSB](, their assciated intrusion sets ([Sandworm](, [APT28](, [Nobelium](, [Turla](, [DragonFly]( and their TTPs with related IOCs, YARA rules and more. SEKOIA.IO will continue to keep you updated on state sponsored and cybercrime threats, from a strategic perspective to the forgotten IOCs. More is coming 🚀 ![2ede9cafc75b4062d1f800a1f7f7a5447d506d3e15627a753bd8e1c53542615e.png](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/10677/inline-9deae4d0bf21f40852bf2dabf827622b.jpg)