⚠️ FLINT reports - Create a notification to keep receiving them by email ✉️

The **FLINT** (SEKOIA Flash Intelligence Report) delivery is evolving! 🚀 Starting from June 2022, FLINT reports will no longer be sent by email by default but integrated directly in SEKOIA.IO in PDF format and STIX 2.1 with their respective IOCs. Everything will be available in real-time in SEKOIA.IO. All previous FLINT are also available for download in PDF format in the Intelligence Center module of SEKOIA.IO. **To keep receiving them by email, it is necessary to create a notification from your User Center:** ![Capture d’écran 2022-05-25 à 14.37.09.png](BASE/products/901462981/changelog/10514/inline-6af07888466d16f7b9318a09bc0eaec7.jpg) To learn more about notifications in SEKOIA.IO, please visit [this dedicated page](https://docs.sekoia.io/user_center/notifications/) on[ docs.sekoia.io](https://docs.sekoia.io/).